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Steam Desktop Authenticator is an add-on helps protect your account on the Steam gaming platform from unauthorized access. Using Steam Desktop Authenticator, you will add two-factor authentication to your Steam account, which will strengthen the security of your profile and protect your digital valuables.
Two-factor authentication is a security mechanism that requires the input of 2 reasons to confirm the identity of the user. The first factor is something that only you understand, for example a password. The second factor could be something that only you have with for yourself, for example a device for generating one-time codes or add for authentication.
Steam Desktop Authenticator provides the ability to use app to generate one-time codes you won't need to carry the use of a mobile device. This is especially comfortable those who do not have the opportunity or do not willingly use a mobile authenticator.
To use <a href=>steam authenticator</a> you need download and install add on your computer. Then you need to link it to your Steam account by following the instructions in add. Only after all this you one-time codes will be available to log into your Steam account.
Steam Desktop Authenticator provides an additional layer of security for your Account Steam, protecting your digital game collection and other valuables from possible attacks and hacks. That's why it is recommended to use two-factor authentication to protect of your account and personal information.


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